The East End Beach

2013-04-15 13.35.03
The East End Beach is a screened porch for your pootie! Current dimensions are 25″ wide by 20″ deep and 20″ high, though those can easily be changed to fit your application. Price is $100.

2013-04-15 13.34.50

2013-07-06 08.34.37

Interior of the East End Beach with Senseii for scale :)

The Long Beach

The Long Beach was made for a client who had a wider window than normal. These pieces can be made to fit your specific needs!

With it’s happy new owner! Note that all cat-facing surfaces remain unpainted for safety.

Detail shot showing the top tab which locks into the screen frame and the side tabs which lock into the upper window tracks for extra weight support and security.  This system allows the lower window to be closed with the unit in place.