To start with, a definition:

Pootie:  –noun-  a cat, specifically one you have great affection for;  adjective- referring to cats.

As strange as I might find it, I have discovered the great enjoyment of designing and constructing Pootie Furniture :)   I came upon the whole process by necessity:  I adopted  a rescue cat (Senseii) and wanted to give him a place to perch.  After some experimentation in the workshop, I came up with my first design.  A friend who also was part of the Pootie Universe saw it and asked if I could make one for him.  A friend of his saw that one and the ball was rolling :)

The process of interacting with the client, determining their (and their Pootie’s) needs, choosing a design and/or custom designing a piece for them and then letting the sawdust fly are some of the most rewarding things I have done.  I derive great satisfaction from the selection and working of the materials involved in order to create each new piece and from the shared joy that it will bring both of you.   I look forward to working with you (and your Pootie :)!

Thanks for looking!



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